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Team Building Training Programs For Corporates

Events and Activities for Team Bonding, Teamwork Skills

The team building training workshops focus on building high performance teams. The emphasis of these team bonding events conducted by Mavraac (a leading teamwork training company in NCR - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida) spotlights on understanding the importance of inter-dependence, cohesiveness and achieving common goals besides uncovering individual qualities and harnessing team strengths.

The team building programs are conducted by our experienced facilitators and corporate trainers as an outbound training program at our campus. The  teamwork training programs are very interactive and comprise of an interesting mix of activities, role plays, innovative simulations, discussions and debriefs. The outdoor team building activities in the outbound learning workshops create an effective learning platform and challenge. 

The teamwork training events help in building strong motivation, teambuilding skills, interpersonal relationships and trust. Mavraac's experiential learning workshops are very effective for helping individuals become an effective team member and collectively emerging as a high performance team.
Leadership training and behavioural skills development can also be combined with these.

Customers find our programs highly attractive for their very reasonable pricing, great value for money and assured return on investment. Our principal trainer is a certified coach, hands on practitioner, corporate leader with 25+ years of industry experience. Ask us for a customised proposal.

The program covered team and inter-personal issues and re-enforcement of some important concepts which we need to apply better. It helped in team bonding and opening up with each other. The members will now be looking at the larger picture rather than the individual deliverables. The delivery by Achal was excellent and he had a good command of concepts and involved everybody. 
~ Chief Mktg Officer, HCL Corp.

Teambuilding Training Programs

Sample Modules and Topics

Unless an intervention on a specific teamwork issue is undertaken, a standard program addresses the following topics through role plays, activities, simulations and innovative debrief and discussion formats.

● Concepts on team building and teamwork. (Qualities of an effective member, characteristics which make a good team).
● Being part of a high performing team. 
(Unlocking the potential of members, motivating them by linking to their individual motivators, improving bonding and performance, building vision and values).
● Building trust and empathy.
● Confrontation and conflict resolution.
(Management of conflict between members — which will result in increased collaboration and decision making and high productivity).
● Importance of open communication.
(Interactive transparent dialogue, effective listening skills, developing strategies for getting results, giving and receiving feedback.)
● Knowledge sharing and leveraging core competencies and skills of team members.
(Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.)  
● Commitment and accountability to setting and achieving common goals.
● Enhancing problem solving and creativity techniques during complex situations.
(Also learning to be pro-active, having a positive attitude and taking up challenges.)
● Consolidating learning and action planning.
(Clarifying the road map of one's individual and team development plan.)

Team Building Workshops

Customization and Delivery

Mavraac provides a variety of customization options for tailoring the corporate training programs and team building services as per specific expectations of the client.

Normally, each program is formulated after the corporate trainers conduct a TNA (Training Need Analysis) and assessing the gaps between objectives and performance.

The works of many experts, authors and psychologists have been studied and practiced to formulate effective team-building programs.
Some of the names for reference are Tuckman, Lencioni, Katzenbach, Smith, Belbin, Lundin, Ringlemann and Rothwell.

The client can choose his training delivery option and workshop duration. Outdoor programs are offered. Mavraac programs are experiential and /or expeditionary in nature.
Programs on team building interventions on specific issues are also conducted. 

Mavraac, amongst the leading outbound training companies, conducts outdoor team building at its campus at Parkwoods Shoghi (Shimla).



For Learning Team Building Skills

Mavraac's corporate team building workshops and interventions are suitable for: 

 ● A new project team culled together from the talent pool of the Organization and perhaps also comprising of new entrants.

 ● Personnel working together in a group but unable to function efficiently as a team to the desired levels.

 ● Cross-functional teams in an Organization having dissonance between departments or locations.

 ● Virtual, off-shore and multi-location teams.

 ● Departmental heads who need to collaborate better for overall health of the Organization.

 ● A corporate group of varying demographics where cross culture dimensions also need to be addressed and understood besides bonding and cohesiveness.

 ● Managers of various departments so that they understand the importance of team dynamics with reference to their members.

 ● A new conglomerate of employees due to a company acquisition or merger of two offices / plants. 


Mavraac is amongst one of the leading team building companies in New Delhi, India and provides experiential learning through outdoor team building events. Outbound Learning (OBL) is one of the most effective formats for teamwork training and picking up team building skills. These workshops help in individual development, team development, team bonding, employee engagement and employee motivation.

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