Reiterating the Obvious

Monsoon Outbound - Reiterating The Obvious.                                                                                                                              - Achal Bindraban
Achal’s Gab:  I had an interesting monsoon break while facilitating an Outbound Teamwork Program for an IT giant. I tried some new simulations which were a great success. Post activities, participants engaged in intense debrief sessions. Stimulating concepts like performing amidst chaos, acceptable failures, cost of slacking off just short of the goal were experienced and discussed.
During the simulations actual behaviors surfaced and oft debated dysfunctions were uncovered – rigidity, over confidence, poor finishing, shifting blame, opposed to exploring new ideas, impatience with other team members, not following instructions, missing the bigger picture.  I wish there had been more exploration of paradigm shifts and challenging of basic assumptions by the participants. Everyone concurred that they need to at times look at things from a new perspective and also keep the focus on applying the fundamentals.
It reminded me of what Dale Carnegie once said very emphatically, “Of course I deal with the obvious. I present, reiterate, and glorify the obvious – because the obvious is what people need to be told.”
However, the adversities did encourage participants towards growth and many unleashed hidden potential and performed beyond expectations, surprising themselves and their peers.

The workshop ended with a healthy individual feedback module – where everyone sportingly took in the opinions of their colleagues about themselves. The experiential modules resulted in an increase in the awareness levels of the participants and it was agreed that each one would leverage his strengths and take corrective measures for weaknesses for better team performance besides collaborating more between departments.

The program was hosted at Parkwoods Shoghi near Shimla ( by Mavraac ( principal facilitator was Achal Bindraban supported by an outdoor team of Ranjeet, Jai Prakash, Karan and Anil, all certified adventure instructors. The program co-ordinator was Ranjana supported by Lalit and Raju.

Achal Bindraban is the founder and principal facilitator of Mavraac, an experiential corporate training company and OD organization offering learning  and development  programs - team building training, leadership coaching, personal effectiveness workshops, OD Interventions and outbound  training. 

Achal is a graduate engineer and a certified coach with 25+ years of corporate experience. 
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