Employee Onboarding Training

Accelerated Onboarding and Induction Training

Campus to Corporate Outbound Training Programs

The first job. For the excitement and performance to remain sustained a smooth transition must be made from the campus to corporate culture. The college might have helped in building a solid knowledge base but perhaps might not have prepared one for performing in a corporate environment. The odd summer training or project might have had its limitations in this aspect. Mavraac's campus to corporate training programs for new employees help in their accelerated onboarding.

Mavraac's induction training program for first time executives and new joiners introduce them to the nuances of corporate work culture. The employee onboarding program prepares them to mould themselves in a corporate culture and ensures that their performance doesn't get derailed because of not understanding the  organizational behavioral requirements and the importance of being able to give results in a larger context. After attending our outbound employee induction program the executives and trainees emerge confident and equipped to handle the new responsibilities and are able to settle in quickly and happily into an effective and productive role.

Mavraac is also amongst one of the best corporate training companies in the NCR region - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida (India) with certified trainers for team building and leadership training programs.

This was our fourth batch with Mavraac at Parkwoods Shoghi and this time the outbound training turned out to be the best. Excellent delivery of the program by Achal. The workshop made the team members more cohesive and they were able to understand corporate work expectations better. 
~ Rajeev Abbi, Manager, Honda Cars India Ltd.

    Induction Training Programs

    Sample Modules and Topics

    Specific modules for an induction program for new employees can be incorporated as per the client's brief to make the onboarding training program more relevant. 

    A standard program addresses these topics.

    ● Review of organization's core products, milestones, brand value, goals and vision.
    ● Adhering to quality practices, value system, ethics, culture.
    ● Etiquettes in communication and behavior.
    ● Role clarification.
    ● Importance of working in a team.
    ● Team expectations.
    ● Individual performance related expectations.
    ● Bridging execution gap.
    ● Time management.
    ● Advantages of working with a mentor.

    Training On Employee Onboarding

    Customization and Delivery

    Mavraac Induction Training Programs have been prepared with great sensitivity. The idea is to help the new executives understand, deliberate and make the employee onboarding transition smoothly and attain the new responsibilities with a new zest. The induction training programs help to create, in each executive, a sense of ownership, responsibility and loyalty.

    The campus to corporate training programs are customized keeping in mind the background and culture of both the fresh joiners / trainees and that of the Organization. Depending upon the functional work areas of the personnel and the environment he needs to operate in, the onboarding training program is developed.


    For Onboarding and Induction Training

    Mavraac onboarding programmes, campus to corporate training workshops and induction trainings are suitable for:

    ● First time executives and new joiners fresh out of college into their first job in a corporate company.

    ● Graduate engineer trainees.

    ● Management trainees.

    The induction training programs can also be used for members of a new project team for employee onboarding.
These employee induction training programs have been seen to be most successful when they are experiential and expeditionary in nature. The workshops are conducted at our campus at Park Woods Shoghi (Shimla). The program duration ranges from 2-3 days.

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