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Experiential Training Programs
Mavraac Mission Statement: Providing to corporate organizations and their employees who are on a fast growth curve, innovative experiential learning and development programs on leadership, teamwork and personal effectiveness through transparent dispersion of knowledge which has been gathered over 30 years of experience in the corporate world.

Founder and Principal Facilitator

Achal Bindraban is a graduate engineer and a certified coach with 25+ years of corporate experience. He has worked for organizations like Escorts Ltd. and Masonelian-France. He later turned to entrepreneurship having founded an engineering manufacturing facility and also an export house.
He has successfully held leadership positions in various functions. Achal keeps abreast of the latest industry and business trends.

Since 2008, he has been training and coaching teams and individuals through personal development, team building and leadership workshops. Achal is a very motivational program facilitator, has an easy style with people, and picks from his vast situational experiences to brainstorm on specific issues. Achal undertakes most of the delivery for Mavraac’s Experiential Learning and Development Programs and Team Building and Leadership Workshops. As the Principal Facilitator and Trainer he is also responsible for performance gap analysis, developing customized programs, assessments and formulating pre and post road maps. He is supported by co-trainers and a research team.

Being a voracious reader and attendee of seminars; internationally accepted methodologies, interpretations and essays are adapted to formulate the learning modules. Achal has an excellent command over language, is a powerful speaker with impressive communication and public speaking skills, having been a keen debater in his earlier years. He has a deep understanding of people behaviors and team dynamics.

When he is not working on a new project, Achal likes to rejuvenate by driving off to the mountains and loosing himself in jungle treks or with a book by a lazily gurgling stream. Because of this adventurous streak in him, Achal’s team building, leadership and personal development programs are experiential and involve action, creative activities and introspection.

Educational Institutions Attended:
St. Xavier’s School (Doranda).
Delhi Public School (R.K. Puram, N. Delhi).
Birla Institute of Technology (Mesra, Ranchi).

Certificate Courses from Open Universities Australia:
1) Management for a Competitive Edge.
(From International College of Management, Sydney, Australia).
2) Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power.
(From Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia).
3) Teaching Adult Learners.
(From Central Institute of Technology, Perth, Australia).
4) Becoming a Confident Trainer.
(From TAFE, Adelaide, Australia).
5) Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.
(From Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia).

Articles by Achal Bindraban inspired by his workshops and studies.
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Supporting Team

Adventure Instructors
In the Outbound Training (OBT) Programs, the simulations also include adventure activities, navigational treks and other expeditionary modules. The activity execution and safety aspects are managed by certified adventure instructors who have been trained at either of the two leading institutes namely, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), Uttarkashi or Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering, Manali. Safety gear and adventure equipment of the highest quality is used while maintaining multi-layer safety norms.

Program Co-ordinator
For seamless functioning and logistics management, each workshop is managed by an experienced program co-ordinator who is a post graduate with multiyear experience in event management and public relations.

Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle used by Mavraac in their Outbound Training Programs.
  • The training programs are mainly experiential in nature transcending just lectures and PPTs. The workshops are highly interactive and emphasis is on doing, experimenting and learning so that understanding of concepts is strong and transfer is effective. The balance of theory and practice creates a stimulating and challenging learning environment.

  • Kolb's experiential learning cycle is followed as a general format for bringing out natural behaviors, internalization of concepts and later implementing at the workplace.

  • Besides in-house corporate training workshops conducted at client's facility, Mavraac conducts Outbound Training Programs (popularly known as OBT).

  • Each corporate training program is customized to the specific brief of a client after a detailed training need analysis to assess the gap between performance and objectives.

  • Management assessment instruments are used before and during the training.

  • Corporate training workshops are also conducted on specific OD Interventions.

  • Adult learning principles are adopted which draw from the participant's life experiences and enhance self-directed motivational experiential learning and move one towards creative problem solving.

  • Role plays, adventure activities and simulations form an important part of the workshops. 

  • Case studies, exercises and management games are used to help in clarifying concepts. 

  • SOAR, AI, innovative methods of collaborative inquiry, discussion, debrief and self assessment formats are used.

  • Tools and templates ensure effective post-program implementation and experimentation of concepts learnt.

    ROI METHODOLOGY: Donald Kirkpatrick's four-level framework along with Jack Philip's 5th level of evaluation can be applied.
    Evaluation Levels
    Level 1: Reaction and Planned Action. (Measures participant satisfaction with the program and captures planned actions.)
    Level 2: Learning. (Measures changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes.)
    Level 3: Application and Implementation. (Measures changes in on-the-job behavior and progress with application.)
    Level 4: Business Impact. (Captures changes in business impact measures.)
    Level 5: Return on Investment. (Compares program monetary benefits to the program costs.)
    The 5th level represents steps in cost-benefit analysis. It converts Level 4 measures to a monetary value and compares it with the program costs, by measuring monetary gain in KPIs (Attrition, Conflict, Team Performance, Customer Retention, Resource Utilization, Output per man-hour, Turnover, Profitability).

Influence of Business Philosophers and Management Thinkers

In Mavraac’s corporate training programs, internationally accepted methodologies, interpretations and essays are adapted to formulate the training modules. Periodic re-engineering of training modules is done to keep them relevant to current global competitive and change scenarios.

The team building, leadership and employee engagement training workshops are also influenced and inspired by the worksof many thinkers, educationists, management experts and authors – David Kolb, Kurt Hahn, Malcom Knowles, Stephen Covey, John Adair, Spencer Johnson, Jim Rohn, Edward de Bono, Bruce Tuckman, Geert Hofstede, Jack Welch, John Kotter, David Cooperrider, Kurt Lewin, Warren Bennis, Jim Collins, Claes Janssen, Ken Blanchard, Jane Mouton, Robert Blake, Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, Noel Tichy, Peter Senge, Jack Canfield, Patrick Lencioni, Ringlemann to name a few.

Mavraac is amongst one of the best corporate training companies in the NCR region - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida (India) with certified trainers for soft skill training, outbound training, team building workshops, leadership development programs and employee engagement workshops.

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