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Leadership Development Training Programs

Mavraac's innovative leadership training programs provide a systemic approach with contemporary and practical ideas to leadership development. Volatile and intensely competitive, today's corporate workplace demands high-energy leaders to develop agile, resilient teams who can translate their strengths into competitive advantage. Our corporate leaders training workshops build a motivated, loyal individual capable of reaching new levels of productivity, developing vision and taking his team and organization to greater heights despite critical challenges and change on the way.

During leadership coaching, a participant will enhance his people skills, hone his strategic skills and translate new insights into an action plan that defines where he and his team is going. He unleashes his highest potential after attending the corporate leadership training development program.

Mavraac’s visionary leadership development programs catapult success driven employees into outstanding business leaders competent to lead a corporate team to sustained successes and new heights. Team building training and behavioural skills development can also be combined with these. Mavraac is amongst one of the best corporate training companies in NCR - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida offering outbound leadership training programs.

Customers find our programs highly attractive for their very reasonable pricing, great value for money and assured return on investment. Our principal trainer is a certified coach, hands on practitioner, corporate leader with 25+ years of industry experience. Ask us for a customised proposal.

The training program was highly relevant to our workplace and has been delivered well, meeting the expectations. The training technique adopted by Achal and connecting to the learning process was quite new and appreciable. The program had structured approach to the modules and the participating teams were very much involved. 
~ Regional Service Mgr, Volvo-Eicher.

    Leadership Development Workshop

    Sample Modules and Topics

    Unless an intervention on a specific issue is undertaken, a program on training for leaders addresses the following topics through simulations, role plays, activities, innovative discussion formats.
    ● Combating leadership challenges. 
    ● Identifying leadership styles, modifying for success by directing members towards empowerment, delegation, motivation and leading a team to deliver beyond expectations.
    ● Understanding situational leadership style and its relevance and adaptation to the group task and maturity of each individual team member.
    ● Becoming a Level 5 Leader, inspiring trust, leading by example.
    ● Developing leadership EQ and co-operative communication.
    ● Developing vision, realizing goals, following big picture, combating turf wars, breaking silos.
    ● Bridging execution gaps between performance and expectations.
    ● Integrating people, strategy and processes.
    ● Practicing disruptive innovation, problem solving skills, performing in complex situations.
    ● Being a pro-active change agent.
    ● Evaluating the self and formulating sustainable improvement techniques. 
    ● Consolidation of learning and clarifying the road map of one's individual development.

    Leadership Training

    Customization and Delivery

    Mavraac leadership training programs are developed from a deep understanding of contemporary global and corporate cultures and how a leader can perform at a consistently improving level. The theories and strategies of many business philosophers are espoused - John Adair, Ken Blanchard, Jim Collins, Jane Mouton, Robert Blake, Douglas McGregor, James Burns, Patrick Lencioni, Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, Noel Tichy and others.

    The customization of the workshop is specific to the goals, values, mission and vision of a particular organization. The training program would guide participants on how to integrate and synergize the DNAs of the Leader, the Organization and the Team.

    Principles are adopted in each program so that for long term benefits, the learning can be continued beyond the program. The participants learn how to connect learning to their existing knowledge and experience base.

    The client can choose his training delivery option. The programs are conducted at our out-location campus at Park Woods Shoghi (Shimla). 


    For Leader Training

    Mavraac leadership programmes, workshops and leader trainings are suitable for:

    ● Functioning leaders who want to push their own leadership development in new directions.

    ● Managers who are in the early years of a leadership position.

    ● First time managers / team leaders / supervisors - individuals who have now become accountable for the collective performance of their team members.

    ● Selected individuals identified as an engaged, motivated talent base. Emerging leaders who need to be moved up to increased levels of responsibility or to build leadership bench strength and a strong pipeline.

    ● Departmental heads who in their cross-functional working need more synergy and collaboration to move towards a common organizational vision.

    ● MBA Students - To make them industry ready and prepare them as potential business leaders.
The client can opt for a short duration workshop (2-3 days) or a longer engagement leaders training (six months) which would have follow up and review sessions on advanced level of modules.

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