Change Management


Change Management Training

Systematic approach and adopting tools and theories,
for spearheading change in organization and its people.
To remain on top, effective and continuous change management strategies need to be implemented as an important part of organizational success. Change and the pace, both have become equally challenging - whether it is to do with new technology, globalization, a difficult economy, increased customer aspirations, new age competitor offerings, creating and implementing new business strategy, process re-engineering, acquisition and integration or company restructuring.  

Mavraac’s change management programs help an Organization learn how to make required change transitions smoothly both at the company and people level. The change management models and methodologies used, sharpen everyone's ability to proactively adapt to achieve desired outcomes. The people, rather than resisting change look at it positively and as a necessity and a success tool. They also learn skills to be able to traverse this path with less confusion, lower stress and more control and understanding.

Change Management Training Course.
The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades. ~ John P. Kotter, Leading Change

    Change Management Programs

    Sample Modules and Topics

    A standard change management training program addresses the following topics through effective change models and theories, simulations, activities, innovative discussion formats.

    ● Discussion on changes occurring outside and their effects within the Organization.

    ● Issues being faced and initiatives essential - positive and strategic.

    ● A study of change management theories.

    ● Choosing and adopting suitable method aligned to specific requirements.

    ● Strategies, tools and skill-sets.

    ● People challenges during change implementation. Resistance, fears, stress, inadequate resources.

    ● Proactive measures required to implement change across the Organization.

    ● Affirmation and visualization of successes achieved because of change implementation.

    ● Attitudinal change and motivation for sustained implementation.

    ● Review and action plan.

    Change Management Workshops

    Customization and Delivery

    Mavraac Change Management Programs are structured on the consideration that dealing with change effectively needs to be an essential part of everyone's skill-set for an Organization to emerge into or stay in a leadership position. An amalgamation of conventional change theories and new age strategies are used, leaning on the works of - Prosci, John Kotter, Cooperrider, Kurt Lewin and Warren Bennis and also on those of others like Jim Collins, Claes Janssen and GE's Change Acceleration Process (CAP) mentored by Jack Welch.

    The customization of the change management workshop would be specific to the challenges being faced by a particular organization or those envisaged in the near future. The program would address all the specific issues and participants would learn to adopt tools and methods to develop requisite skills.

    The client can choose his training delivery option and workshop duration. The programs are conducted by our experienced facilitators at our out-location campus at Park Woods Shoghi (Shimla). 


    For Change Management

    Mavraac change management programmes, workshops and leader trainings are suitable for:

    ● Functioning leaders and departmental heads so that they are able to spearhead change processes.

    ● Personnel at all levels of an Organization so that they are able to adapt to change effectively whenever required.

    ● The effected people in case an Organization is undergoing change in process or strategy.

    ● People involved in changes of Organization structure, work function, location or peer group.

    ● An Organization (and its leaders) which wants to chart a new and innovative path for future success.

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