Corporate Training Programs through Experiential Learning

Team Building, Leadership and Behavioral Skills Development!

Mavraac conducts outbound corporate training programs. The workshops for enriching individuals in team building training, teamwork, leadership development have benefited many organizations and are facilitated by an experienced faculty of corporate trainers and soft skills trainers. Mavraac is accepted as one of the leading corporate training companies in the NCR region - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida (India). Mavraac's behavioural skills training programs have contributed towards the comprehensive development of many corporate employees across hierarchies and functions.
The corporate training and development programs provide systematic soft skills training towards accelerated growth for high potential employees, motivation, employee engagement and other behavioral competencies which move a company towards a high performance culture.
Customers find our corporate training workshops and OD Interventions highly attractive for their very reasonable pricing, great value for money and assured return on investment. Ask us for a customised outbound training proposal. Our principal trainer is a certified coach, hands on practitioner, corporate leader with 25+ years of industry experience.

Team Building and Teamwork

Outdoor team building activities The team building training programs focus on building high performance teams besides uncovering latent qualities, harnessing team strengths and contributing towards team bonding.
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Leadership Development

Outbound Leadership Development Training
Mavraac leadership skills development training workshops catapult success driven employees into outstanding business leaders competent to take a team to new heights through powerful leader training programs.
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Outbound Training

Outbound Learning Programs
The outbound training (OBT) and learning (OBL) programs are very high energy offsite events for team building, leadership and employee engagement with adventure activities and outdoor team games.
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Core Techniques

Mavraac conducts experiential training programs transcending just lectures and PPTs. The customized corporate training programs are highly interactive so that understanding of concepts is strong and transfer is effective. The balance of theory and practice creates a stimulating and challenging learning environment. Adult learning techniques, role plays, adventure activities, simulations, innovative debrief and discussion formats enhance the learning. Tools ensure effective post-program implementation and experimentation of concepts learnt.


Internationally accepted methodologies are adapted to formulate the modules. Periodic re-engineering of learning modules is done to keep them relevant to current global competitive and change scenarios. Rated amongst the best training and development programs, these are also influenced by the works of many management experts and authors - David Kolb, Kurt Hahn, Malcolm Knowles, Stephen Covey, John Adair, Edward de Bono, Bruce Tuckman, Geert Hofstede, Jack Welch, John Kotter, Peter Senge, Patrick Lencioni, Ken Blanchard, Daniel Goleman; to name a few.

Adapting to Change

Change Management Training Programs
Our change management programs help an Organization learn how to make change transitions smoothly at the company, team and  people level. The workshops sharpen one's ability to adapt to change. Learn More....


Onboarding Training Programs
The campus to corporate induction training programs for new employees help in their accelerated onboarding and smooth transition. It introduces them to the nuances of corporate work culture. Learn More....

Behavioral Skills Development

~ Personal Effectiveness
~ Employee Engagement and Motivation
~ Inter-personal Communication
~ Conflict Management
~ Cross Functional Collaboration, Silos
~ Raising EQ Skills (Emotional Intelligence)
~ Time Management
~ Decision Making
~ Analytical Skills and Problem Solving
~ Individual Goal Setting & Achievement
~ Aligning to Organization's Big Picture
~ Bridging Execution Gap

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